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Maternal health services -- Oregon, Portland State University. School of Social Work. Maternal and Child Health Training Project, Portland State University. School of Social Work -- Alumni and alumnae, Portland State University. School of Social Work -- Curricula




The School of Social Work at Portland State University has administered a Maternal and Child Health Training Project over the past ten years which has focused on two major objectives: 1) providing medically oriented social workers for the state of Oregon, and; 2) stimulating interest in maternal and child health in the field of social work. The purpose of the study was to obtain some data in order to evaluate the degree of success experienced in realizing these objectives. The study sought to determine where the 53 graduates who have been trained through the project are employed, what aspects of their jobs relate to medical social work generally and maternal and child health concerns specifically, and what components within the curriculum content that they experienced have been particularly helpful in carrying out their tasks while working in a medically related setting.


A research practicum submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Social Work, Portland State University, 1976.

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