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John Beer

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Spring 7-15-2014

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Closed Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Creative Writing






Body language -- Poetry



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1 online resource (vi, 166 pages)


The Speculative Trunk is concerned with the body. Where poems are ideas they are also things always. The physical body of a poem receives certain treatment by the human body engaged in consuming it. But, speaking generally, the bodies of poems have tended to be dictated, not by play within a vital contextual space, but by tradition and the limitations of material means of replication.

The Speculative Trunk is an adventure; a mess; a re-fleshing of the body of the poem. This concern extends beyond to text to the human bodies that handle a work, or your hand. These poems speak of and circulate around the anxieties of the human body - its dangers, its pleasures, and its frailties - often in the same instance. Here again the poem's essential parts - its ingredients and its heat - intertwine, engage, and mingle - to be handled, to be made of.


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