Connie P. Ozawa

Date of Award

Summer 8-15-2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Urban Studies


Urban Studies and Planning

Physical Description

1 online resource (vii, 288 pages)


Stream restoration -- Korea (South) -- Anyang-si -- Case studies, Water-supply -- Korea (South) -- Anyang-si -- Management, Decision making -- Citizen participation, Decision making -- Moral and ethical aspects




This dissertation examined the extent to which interests and values of diverse stakeholders were considered through participation-oriented decision-making. It covered the An' Yang Stream restoration case in South Korea, which has been judged a successful stream management endeavor led by public-private partnership governance.

This research utilized a mixed methods approach, combining qualitative and quantitative methods. It addressed the extent to which the collaborative and participatory decision-making processes incorporated diverse stakeholder values and visions. The relevant data on stream restoration was collected through nominal group technique (NGT), analytic hierarchy process (AHP), semi-structured interviews, observations at collaborative stakeholder meetings and workshops, and documentation review.

My research concluded that integration of all interests was not achieved. These interests might have potentially affected the extent to which stakeholders' values are incorporated or not in participation-oriented collaborative stakeholders' partnerships by utilizing interest-based facilitation techniques, such as joint-fact-finding or principled negotiation. At the same time, my findings expatiate the catalyzing roles of the public media within stream restoration decision-making governance.

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