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Rolf Schaumann

Term of Graduation

Summer 1997

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Electrical and Computer Engineering


Electrical Engineering




Image compression---> Coding theory---> Entropy



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1 online resource, (p153.)


In this thesis, a novel approach is designed using a quad-tree stack structure to encode the image to determine the optimal block size at the optimal and effective entropy in the lossless image compression method. Proof is given through encoding of the predictor and randomly constructed planes. There is a high degree of relationship between the placement of bits in the planes. Clearly results shows that use of the optimal entropy and encoding block sizes will increase the compression ratio using the lossless method. The cost of using the block size methods to encoding and entropy is discussed and proven. Through experimentation the smallest prediction block-size after cost per pixel is added will never be the best setting to use even though the best prediction is obtained. The balance of entropy and compression ratio with the cost of using blocksized methods will achieve a better result over the older approach discussed in the thesis. Starting at different block-sizes and comparing the results is used to find the optimal results.


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