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Arash Khosravifar

Term of Graduation

Spring 2021

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Civil & Environmental Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering




Kinematics, Piling (Civil engineering), Foundations, Soil liquefaction, Lateral loads, Wharves -- Earthquake effects



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1 online resource (v, 125 pages)


Kinematic demands from lateral soil deformations can be a major cause of damage to maritime and highway transportation structures such as wharves, ports, and bridges. Data from five centrifuge tests on pile-supported wharves were used to evaluate the accuracy of Newmark Sliding Block Analysis in estimating the kinematic demands on piles. The piles in the centrifuge tests were subjected to varying degrees of liquefaction-induced lateral ground deformations. Pile-pinning effects were included in the analysis by incorporating the lateral pile resistance in the limit-equilibrium slope stability analysis. The results of the analysis have shown that the median Newmark displacements better estimated the centrifuge permanent end-of-shaking displacements but underestimated the measured peak transient displacements. On the other hand, the median + 1σ Newmark displacements better estimated the peak transient displacements. The measured peak transient displacements were on average 2.3 times larger than the measured permanent displacements in these centrifuge tests. The median + 1σ Newmark displacements were on average 1.4 times larger than the median displacements.


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