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According to Freire (1970), individuals and groups who are systemically oppressed in society often develop and struggle with a sense of internalized oppression, and those who fail to address their own oppression will likely engage in the oppression of others. Conceivably, this is the state of affairs for Latino males who perpetrate intimate partner violence (IPV). However, Latinos who use IPV behaviors are often viewed solely as "villains" or oppressors (Corvo & Johnson, 2003), omitting the various contexts in which this subgroup of males might be subjected to oppressive conditions outside of their intimate relationships. This contributes to an absence of understanding how partner-abusive Latinos' perpetration of IPV is interconnected with their experiences of multilevel oppression (Perilla, 2007). Fortunately, by leaning on theoretical perspectives that hold synergy with the values and goals of critical community psychology (Evans et al., 2017), such as critical Latino theory (Valdes, 1997) and critical consciousness (Watts et al., 2011), we can begin to uncover how oppression influences manifestations of IPV amongst Latinos. The current dissertation study aimed to understand how Latino battering intervention program (BIP) participants relate their experiences of oppression to their use of IPV behaviors, and also investigated how critical consciousness is expressed amongst Latinos enrolled in BIPs. Additionally, the current study sought to explore BIP providers' and Latino participants' beliefs around the potential benefits of incorporating critical consciousness into BIPs' curriculum. Focus groups were conducted with BIP providers and Latino BIP participants via Zoom, sampling from community-based BIPs that deliver treatment to Latinos enrolled in BIPs through group sessions. Inductive and deductive thematic analysis was conducted in order to analyze the data as it pertains to the present study's research questions. The theoretical and practical implications that this research posits are described in great detail, in addition to the present study's limitations and recommendations for future studies regarding the exploration of critical consciousness amongst Latinos enrolled in BIPs.


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