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Editor: Kasey Colton

Articles in this issue include:

  • What's Happening;
  • The Unpaid Professionals in American Colleges: Why Student Athletes Should Get Paid;
  • Supporting the Unsupported: The Pioneer School's Fight for the Right of Belonging;
  • The Octopus Returns: Why Disney Is Becoming Too Big for Its (and Our) Own Good;
  • Happy Camp: Echoes of a Logging Town in the Environmental Fight;
  • Hush Money: Inside Trumps Profitable Relationship with Saudi Arabia;
  • The Trump Presidency was only a Mass Delusion, the Likes of Which We May Never Fully Comprehend;
  • Care For Me: Saba Contemplates Life and Death on a Skillful and Affecting Sophomore Album; and
  • Piracy Never Looked So Good: It's Not Immoral if it's for the Right Reasons

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The Pacific Sentinel, April/May 2018