The Salvation Pieces (1994)


The Salvation Pieces (1994)


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Choreography by Mary Oslund. Performed in Portland, Oregon.

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Choreography by Mary Oslund. Music by Steve Koski. Costumes by Katherine Gray/Chiaroscuro. Sets by Manya Shapiro. Lighting Design by Jeff Forbes. Performed December 15, 1994, in commandery room of the Masonic Temple (now a wing of the Portland Art Museum), Portland, Oregon.

From This introspective work was inspired by the scenic installations of Louise Bourgeois, including cell-like spaces and body parts with objects. The mesh and wire forms created by Manya Shapiro were commissioned specifically for the work. Salvation Pieces was created using the metaphor of skin as a separation for the physical experience of interior and exterior worlds.

Mary Oslund was interviewed by Eric Nordstrom in 2016.


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The Salvation Pieces (1994)