Data From: Comparative Modeling of Free Fall and Drag-Enhanced Motion in the Classical Physics Drop Experiment

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Kinematics, Physics--Methodology


A new series of introductory physics experiments for teaching the kinematics and dynamics of falling bodies is presented. These learning activities are enabled by newly available position-tracking technology that allows for the direct acquisition of coordinate data from moving objects. Students are led through an iterative inquiry process that explores both free fall and drag- enhanced physical models, for different velocity regimes, emphasizing a comparative modeling approach to science. Learners discover how the experimental design, including the properties of the dropped objects, the dropping distance, and the uncertainty of the measuring device, impacts the ability to explore the validity of physical models with or without drag.


Data description:

Data 1: Software, the "PSU Pozyx GUI" Installer program for Windows. Authored by: Gabriel Mukobi, Quan Ho, Paul R. DeStefano, and Ralf Widenhorn.

Data 2: ZIP file bundle containing 3D Printer files for a specialized fuselage to be attached to the Arbor Scientific(R) Air Powered Projectile during kinematics experiments. Authored by: Alex Chally. Files included are:

  • LICENSE- License for use of files
  • README.md - Description and author
  • fairing.SLDPRT- Solidworks(R) 3D model of fuselage
  • fairing.STL - STL file of fusalage
  • fairingtop.SLDPRT - Solidworks(R) 3D model of fuselage top
  • fairingtop.STL - STL file of fuselage top
  • fairingtopwithholes.STL - STL file of fuselage top with four holes

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Cora Siebert et al 2019 Eur. J. Phys. 40 045004. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1361-6404/ab1fbc


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PSU.Pozyx.Setup-0.0.7.exe (124019 kB)
Data 1

3D_fuselage-master.zip (9910 kB)
Data 2