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Journal of Physics: Conference Series

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Atomic force microscopy, Near-field microscopy, Mesoscopic phenomena (Physics), Acoustic emission


An atomic force microscopy (AFM) cantilever is integrated into to a quartz tuning fork (QTF) to probe the viscoelastic properties of mesoscopic fluid layers confined between two solid surfaces under shear. Two procedures to fabricate the AFM/QTF probe are described herein. In the first, a nano-manipulator is used to transport a commercially available afm cantilever from its chip holder to the edge of a QTF tine. In the second, an afm cantilever is fabricated at the edge of the QTF tine itself. In both cases we exploit the capabilities of a dual-beam system (focused ion beam/scanning electron microscope), equipped with Omni-Probe nano-manipulator and a Gas Injection System (GIS). The new device improves the ability of shear-force acoustic near-field microscopy (SANM) to monitor the constraining normal and damping shear forces exerted by the solid boundaries, concurrently with the acoustic emission from the trapped fluid.


Originally appeared in Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1143, conference 1, published by IOP Science. May be accessed at

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