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Journal of Chemical Physics

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Hot carriers, Transport theory, Nonlinear theories


Hot electrons have been injected into very dense argon, nitrogen, and hydrogen gases and liquids. The current‐voltage characteristics are experimentally determined for densities (N) of argon, nitrogen, and hydrogen ranging from about 10²⁰ to 10²² cm⁻³ and applied fields (E) ranging from about 10 to 10⁴ V cm⁻¹. The argon data show a square root E∕N dependence of the current. The nitrogen and hydrogen data show a complicated dependence of the current on E∕N due to the rapid thermalization in the region of the image potential of the injected electrons through inelastic collision processes not present in argon. A hydrodynamic‐two‐fluid model is developed to analyze the nitrogen and hydrogen data. From the analysis of our data, we obtain the density dependence of the momentum exchange scattering cross section and the energy relaxation time for the injected hot electrons.


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