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Classroom environment, Higher education -- Social aspects -- United States, Portland State University -- Management, College students -- Attitudes -- Case studies, College administrators, Inclusion, Identity, Diversity climate, Teaching, Cultural competence, Minorities -- Education (Higher), Multicultural education


After PSU’s Diversity Action Council identified the need for a campus-wide climate survey in the spring of 2016, PSU’s office of Global Diversity and Inclusion (GDI) convened a meeting with faculty, staff and students to discuss the criteria for the survey and determine a vendor to administer the survey. GDI contracted Campus Climate Survey, LLC, to administer the Viewfinder® online survey. Viewfinder® is a campus climate survey instrument that measures the extent to which diversity and inclusion play an integral role within the infrastructure of our college campus.

After providing a copy of the survey and an administrative plan to the Institutional Review Board (IRB,) IRB approved an “IRB Review Not Required application.” The Campus Climate Survey administration was led by Julie Caron, Associate Vice President of Global Diversity and Inclusion, and Craig Leets, Director of the Queer Resource Center, who worked with the Campus Climate Survey, LLC to administer Viewfinder®. After the completion of the survey, Dr. Stephen Percy, Dean of the College of Urban and Public Administration, and Julie Caron led the review of the data and report writing. The Chairs of the Diversity Action Council’s Faculty, Staff and Student Recruitment and Retention committees along with their committee members assisted in the evaluation of the data and recommendations.

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