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Portland State University -- Strategic planning, Portland State University -- Aims and objectives, Educational equalization -- United States, Student-centered learning, Social justice, Higher education -- Social aspects, Inclusive education, Critical pedagogy, Minorities -- Education -- United States, Educational change -- United States, Racial equity



Leadership & Infrastructure (LI)
Coordinate organizational change to support our diversity goals, create a structure that supports the implementation of diversity and inclusion goals and the achievement of desired outcomes, and set PSU on the path for becoming a model of sustained success in the areas of access, racial justice, inclusion and equity in our region and among our peer and aspirational institutions.

Initiative 1: Build an Equity-based budget.

Initiative 2: Address cultural taxation, invisible, and emotional labor.

Initiative 3: Evidence based decision making and Data-driven racial justice interventions.

Initiative 4: Center BIPOC voices and needs.

Initiative 5: Embed racial equity in community engagement activities.

Campus Climate & Intergroup Relations (CCIR)
Develop a shared and inclusive understanding of diversity by creating a welcoming campus climate that is supportive of all students, and that fosters positive and meaningful interactions across different cultures.

Initiative 1: Regular campus-wide climate surveys.

Initiative 2: Create a shared language to promote justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Employee Access, Success & Equity (EASE)
Recruit and retain a diverse workforce, and ensure equitable outcomes for all employees.

Initiative 1: Trauma-informed care practices at PSU through an equity lens.

Initiative 2: Targeted Talent Development and Mentorship Program.

Initiative 3: Create an infrastructure that recruits, retains and advances diverse faculty and staff.

Education, Scholarship & Service (ESS)
Develop a curriculum that fosters domestic and international cultural competencies through curricular and co-curricular content and experiences, with an emphasis on experiential learning. Ensure that students and employees become literate in their own, and other cultures, and experiences, and are competent in interacting across difference. Foster cognitive complexity and critical thinking in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Initiative 1: Support pedagogical innovation.

Initiative 2: Enrich student learning environments.

Initiative 3: Celebrate creativity and research.

Initiative 4: Expand faculty ability to support equitable student success.

Student Access, Success & Equity (SASE)
Recruit and retain a diverse student body, and ensure equitable outcomes for all students.

Initiative 1: Student Communication Equity Framework.

Initiative 2: First-generation student training for staff.

Initiative 3: Expand capacity-building experiences for BIPOC students.

Initiative 4: Expand culturally specific supports to increase the retention of BIPOC students.


This three-year equity plan lays out a framework for organizational change. It includes letters from PSU President, Stephen Percy, Ame Lambert, Vice President of Global Diversity & Inclusion, and Nya Mbock, President of the Associated Students of Portland State University.

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