Creative Spaces in and Beyond Education

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Mind Culture and Activity

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This issue includes a collection of five research articles and a book review that contribute to understanding creativity and equity in contemporary spaces in and beyond education. The issue opens with a paper by Areej Mawasi, William Penuel, and Arturo Cortez, exploring aspects of intergenerational co-design in the context of higher education. The paper, titled “They were learning from us as we were learning from them: perceived experiences in co-design process,” focuses on the design of spaces for Artificial Intelligence (AI) education. It uses a particular approach to co-design based on storylines aimed at bringing up sociocultural, ethical, and political dimensions of AI. The research draws on interviews with a team of eight educators and five young students who together design the launch for a unit centered on AI. The study uncovers affordances of intergenerational co-design for disrupting racial exclusion and power dynamics otherwise common in education, as well as offering promise with regards to support critically reflecting upon AI technologies.


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