A Year-Long Journey in the Orchard Growing Community Amid the Brambles

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Sustainable Solutions: Let Knowledge Serve the City

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Book Chapter

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This chapter focuses on a story set in the emerging era of hyper-complex, or wicked problems. The orchard project is coordinated by a team of local neighbors and organizations committed to stewardship of a vacant city site, to create and maintain a community orchard. Social capital is conceived as the currency of social organization that, through processes of coordination and trust, results in achievable products or goods for those in the organization and the community. Two undergraduate student "Fellows" were recruited for winter term to assist the project by facilitating communication and planning between the community partners, neighbors, and university faculty and staff. Social sustainability is closely associated with the more actionable concept of social capital. The collective impact framework establishes the need for social actors to combine efforts and work in unison toward common goals. Service-learning has proven impacts on students' own "self-concept" in relation to the cultivation of civic values and skills.

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