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Cultural awareness -- Study and teaching, Cultural competence -- Programmed instruction, Portland (Oregon) -- Officials and employees -- Training of, Diversity in the workplace


In its 2003-2008 Diversity Development Strategic Initiative, The City of Portland’s Citywide Diversity Development Coordinating Committee (CDDCC) recommended cultural competency training for managers and employees as a strategy to improve citywide performance in diversity development, affirmative action/EEO, and ADA. In addition, as part of the Mayor’s Bureau Innovation Project, Mayor Tom Potter and the City Council identified increasing diversity and cultural awareness as one of the key areas of priority for the City’s 19 bureaus. In response to these recommendations, the City of Portland’s Bureau of Human Resources (BHR) submitted a request for proposals (RFP) for assistance in the design, development and delivery of a Culturally Competent Management Certificate Training (CCMCT).

The contract was awarded to Portland State University’s (PSU) Executive Leadership Institute. Led by Dr. Masami Nishishiba, this six person team worked closely with BHR to design, develop, deliver and evaluate a culturally competent management certificate training. The training curriculum designed by the PSU team consists of four training modules totaling twenty-four training hours. The training modules were delivered as six separate four-hour training sessions. PSU also designed a four day train-the-trainer sessions and delivered the training to 41 City of Portland employees. These employees were recruited by BHR to become trainers for CCMCT upon expiration of the PSU contract. These forty-one City of Portland employees worked with the PSU team to deliver content from a minimum of two training modules during the pilot phase in January to May 2006. Each PSU trainer was responsible for providing feedback and coaching to the City trainers.

Each module was delivered ten times over a four months pilot period for a total of 61 sessions and 244 training hours. Module one, as a prerequisite to all modules, was delivered an additional three sessions during the pilot phase. Approximately two hundred and fifty city managers from the community Services/administration bureaus and Portland Development Commission attended the training. The program developed under this contract will be used to train all existing (approximately 1,050) and future managers of the City of Portland. Starting in July this mandatory training will be delivered to all remaining City managers from the public utilities and public safety bureaus.


2006 Interim Report, submitted by Executive Leadership Institute, Portland State University.

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