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From 1978 to 2001, Clarence Hein served in news and community relations positions at Portland State, working directly with five different presidents. The following are his personal recollections and opinions regarding Natale Sicuro’s two years as President of Portland State University and the controversies surrounding his tenure which ultimately led to his removal from office.


About the author: Clarence Hein received his bachelor's degree from Portland State in 1965, serving as student editor of the Vanguard from 1964-65. After receiving his master's degree in communications from the University of Washington, his career in journalism eventually brought him back to campus, joining PSU as the director of News and Information Services in 1978. Hein has served under five university presidents, researching and writing everything from speeches to legislative testimony to magazine articles. He retired in 2001 and continues to assist the Portland State University Archives as a volunteer.

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