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Fall 2013




Emerging Parametric technologies are opening new opportunities in Architecture. Generally, it is seen primarily as an engine to drive formal exploration and renderings. Its implications however are larger and it is possible to employ it is at many stages in the design process. During the initial design stage, much of what is explored involves theoretical concepts. The work is expressed diagrammatically. If the concept can be distilled to its parameters, then it is possible to begin including parametric analysis. This type of analysis will allow designers to develop a much wider range of options in a much shorter timeframe. This study intends to explore the ability of parametric modeling to be useful as a diagram-building tool. This project explores the utilization of Grasshopper (a Rhino Plugin) as an analytical and planning tool to graphically represent a 3-dimensional analysis of adjacency requirements in programs and spaces. The purpose of this project is to explore and innovate new ways of further utilizing the technology in evolutionary algorithms or physics modelers to reduce inefficiencies in the design process as well as optimize floor-plan layouts. The project goals are simply to reduce inefficiencies in the design process as well as optimize floor plan layouts. The efficiency of having an easily manipulatable algorithm allows for rapid prototyping, potentially saving the client and the firm time and money. The architect, the project manager, and the grasshopper advisor form the main responsible project team in directing the project’s depth and complexity.


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Parametric Analysis for Building Efficiency Developing a Tool for Diagramming Programmatic Relationships using adjacency requirements

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