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Fall 2015




The projects is a comprehensive day lighting analysis of spatial qualities to maximize daylight autonomy of the courtroom space for the Multnomah County. The courthouse is a new construction designed by SRG architects who are commissioned by Multnomah County. The building is located on 1st and Jefferson adjacent to the Hawthorne Bridge on Portland, OR. The aim of the study is to determine whether a light well in the center of the tower is a viable solution to provide natural light into the courtrooms or not. The tested were conducted through digital models using Diva plug-in through Rhino as our day lighting analysis tool. The analysis includes specific variables that are examined. Among these would be the height, depth, and width of the light well as well as the placement and sizes of the courtroom windows. We examined the difference between having a full tower height light well or breaking it up into a 36’ or 18’ high light wells.


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