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Fall 2015




The Knight Cancer Research Building (KCRB) will be a 7-story research facility with a proposed site in the South Waterfront district. It will be the first building of a two-phase construction project; the second building, expected for completion in about 10 years, will connect to the KCRB's north facade. Until then, the KCRB north facade will be visually and environmentally exposed.

The north facade will include an atrium flanked by more enclosed spaces such as egress stairs, storage, and meeting rooms. The south facade of the Phase II building will define the remaining walls of the atrium as its lower levels will nearly mirror KCRB's north fa9ade. The north facade atrium design began as all-glass and spanned several levels in order to create a desirable communal space for the occupants. The engineering consultants for the project had expressed concern about the thermal performance of an all-glass design and recommended that the north facade have some mass to decrease solar gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. The first half of this research project focused on exploring design alternatives and their impact on thermal performance and daylighting. Before the completion of this study, a final fa9ade design was chosen by SRG, so there was a change in direction for the second half of the research project. SRG wanted to better understand how a cut-out feature on the Phase II building might influence atrium daylighting and asked that a study be conducted.


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