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Fall 2021




As part of Bora’s renovation of Portland State’s Science Building One [SB1], we have been tasked with helping research how to optimize the building envelope through multiple methods, including optimizing daylighting and maximizing insulation, while staying within budget. The PSU team has worked with the BORA team to expand an existing Thermal Flux Calculator to include all four facades of the Existing condition, the Schematic Design, and an Optimized version based on our own design. This calculator is used to determine the best wall-to-glazing ratio to increase the thermal efficiency of the envelope without compromising the visual experience. We focused much of our attention on the north and south facades of the building where the abundance of existing glazing allows for the biggest opportunity to increase the thermal efficiency of the building’s envelope. There was a focus on creating an envelope that allows for more daylighting, insulation, and limits solar heat gain through the addition of planters and plants. In regards to glazing, we are looked at glazing goals (< 6000 SF), window-wall ratio (< 40%), and total heat transfer (< 2000 BTUs). In addition to that research, we also looked into some products that were used on the existing east and west facades to try to estimate their R-value for the calculator.


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