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Fall 2017




Bora is starting design work on a conversion of Rock Creek Middle School (completed by BORA in 2010) into a high school. This conversion was always envisioned and will soon become a reality. The project will double the size of the existing school, with additional structure being added lo most sides and even the roof of one wing. The will impact existing daylight access in various ways that we'd like to understand better. The goal of this research project is to help us understand existing daylight conditions in areas that will be impacted by proposed additions, leading to informed design decisions about how to mitigate negative effects and maintain optimal daylight in these spaces. BORA will identify a few key areas to study. Students will obtain field measurements to quantify existing daylight effectiveness, and conduct parallel Diva analysis lo establish a modeled baseline of the existing conditions. Then, our proposed additions will be added to the model to analyze resultant daylight performance. Impacts will be quantified and potential design studied as time allows.


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Rock Creek Middle School Daylighting Analysis: Existing and Proposed Spaces

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