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Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory


Velasquez et al allege that "rounding up the usual suspects" in my article on culturally competent MMPI assessment of Hispanics provides information that is inaccurate, raises unanswered questions, and can discourage assessors reluctant to take "extra precautions required with Hispanic clients". They contribute an overview of history and current research that leads to their own recommendations. Using the idiom of "usual" and "unusual" suspects, further investigation of all suspects appears necessary. Juxtaposition of two sets of assessment recommendations-theirs and mine-suggests that an ostensible battleground can become a commonground to better inform assessors of cultural competence issues. From the Author.


This is an unpublished manuscript.

This response to Velasquez et al., 1996 was written for Dr. Amado Padilla, Editor, Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, who subsequently. decided not to publish these papers.

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