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Thematic Apperception Test, Personality assessment


This paper contains the statistical results of a "buckshot" congruent validation study of one objective TAT scoring variable, Perceptual Organization (PO). PO was developed from personality theory and from an explicit rationale for the construction of scoring systems for projective techniques. PO is scored from a five card, short-form, TAT set which yields scores comparable to a 20 card set. A series of concurrent validation studies culminated in a manual for application of the scoring system in which PO is one variable. PO is a reliable score (scorer reliability; test-retest) and valid for prediction of clinical diagnosis (current validity). That PO may also be used for prediction of personality variables has been demonstrated. This exploratory congruent validity study is an attempt to answer the question, "For what personality variables may PO be used?"


This is an unpublished manuscript.

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