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Minorities -- Psychological testing -- United States, Personality Assessment


The credibility of standard assessment has been questioned by intra-professional debate, diminished by training deficits, redefined as semi-skilled technology by managed care, and compromised for multicultural populations by research bias. Scientific psychology has been responsible for perpetuation of bias and the limited generality of published ethnic minority research. A constructive response to these issues includes more coherent scientific preparation for assessment practice, particularly with ethnic minority populations. Adequate preparation entails careful reformulation of assumptions, redefinition of variables, informed selection of research methodologies, understanding deficiencies in normative data, and using culturally responsible interpretive strategies with standard test data in addition to employment of new measures. Currently available guidelines for culturally-relevant research, training, and practice are precursors to empirically-derived consensual standards for responsible and ethical multicultural assessment.


This is an unpublished manuscript. Portions were presented as a Division 12, APA Invited Address, Toronto, Canada, August 9, 2004.

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