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People with disabilities -- Services for, Social work administration -- Oregon, Public welfare -- Oregon -- Finance


In early 2014, the Oregon legislature and the state Department of Human Services (DHS) commissioned a study to gather input from consumer and non-consumer stakeholders regarding how to most effectively meet the needs of childless adults with disabilities. This study was designed to answer the following questions: (1) What services for childless adults with disabilities exist within Oregon and in other states? (2) What is the need today? and (3) What potential program structures and funding options might address the needs or the target population while also addressing any barriers experienced with the previous program? The following synopsis describes the study findings. This project was completed by the PSU Regional Research Institute for Human Services between June and December of 2014.


This report was prepared for the Oregon Department of Human Services Offices of Aging and People with Disabilities (APD).

Research conducted by the Regional Research Institute for Human Services

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