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Teenagers -- Suicidal behavior -- Oregon, Suicide -- Oregon -- Prevention, Teenagers -- Suicidal behavior -- Diagnosis, Juvenile justice, Administration of -- Oregon


This study examines suicide ideation, plans, and attempts by youth in two juvenile justice settings: incarcerated youth (n=83) and youth with community service sentences (n=144). The incarcerated sample reported 51% suicide ideation while the community sample reported 22%. For both samples, suicide contemplators were quite likely (60-70%) to have a suicide plan, while about 35% reported a suicide attempt in the past 12 months. Contemplators were distinguishable from noncontemplators on scores for external problems of delinquency and aggression, internal problems of anxiety, depression, withdrawal and somatic complaints, general depression, and general health status. The results have implications for assessment, triage, and brief treatment in juvenile justice settings.


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