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Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention

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Behavioral assessment of teenagers, Teenagers -- Health risk assessment, Teenagers -- Mental health, Psychological tests -- Evaluation


This article summarizes the development of checklists to identify the mental health needs of youth in the juvenile justice system. With concept mapping as its base, a 31-item checklist was developed in three parallel forms and assessed on three samples: youth in a locked correctional facility and parents and juvenile justice professionals of adjudicate youth who were sentenced to community service. The instruments appear to have acceptable to very good internal consistency and moderate to strong coefficients of equivalence. Total symptoms were associated with internal and external problems for youth, suggestions from a trusted friend that one might have a mental health problem, and various other mental health history variables for the youth version. The instruments appear to have acceptable to very good reliability and very good validity for the youth version; furthermore, they are useful in identifying acting-out crises and psychological crises, including harm to self, others, and property.


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