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Children with disabilities -- Care, Parents of children with disabilities, Work and family


Employed parents of children with serious emotional disorders must manage the competing demands of home and job. Although every situation is unique, all parents cope daily with the interface between employment and home. As the number of single employed mothers and dual-worker households has increased, so has the research on work and family. A review of this literature offers an examination of the different ways work and family relate within the busy lives of employed parents. Three primary models emerge from the review that describe experiences of mothers and fathers challenged by meeting both the needs of family members and the responsibilities of work-life. The literature does not identify whether or not the parents have children with any special needs. This review serves as a foundation for research that will specifically focus on parents of children with serious emotional disorders.


Originally appeared in K. J. Exo & L. J. Gordon (Eds.), Building on family strengths: Research and programs in support of children and their families. 1996 conference proceedings. Portland, OR: Research and Training Center on Family Support and Children's Mental Health, Portland State University.

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