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Young adults -- United States, Youth with social disabilities -- United States, Youth -- Services for -- United States, Social work with youth


Systems of care are increasingly extending eligibility to young adults up to age 24, often using Wraparound as the model for serving young people with the highest levels of need. Over the last few years, as we interacted with providers through our Wraparound-focused training, coaching and technical assistance, we participated in numerous conversations in which providers talked about how they were adapting their Wraparound practice in order to respond to the unique developmental needs of this population. Throughout these conversations, providers consistently affirmed that Wraparound was a valuable approach for working with older youth and young adults. However, many providers also felt that making changes to their practice was essential for engaging and retaining older youth and young adults in Wraparound, and to having success in meeting their needs.


Prepared by staff from the National Wraparound Initiative, the National Wraparound Implementation Center and the Pathways Research and Training Center—Portland State University.

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