Heat Producing Entities

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Spoon Knife 3: Incursions (The Spoon Knife Anthology)

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This third volume of the annual Spoon Knife anthology features new stories from three generations of cutting-edge queer and neurodivergent authors.

Every year I wait for this anthology to come out. It fills me up; it feeds me; it, yes, makes more spoons for me to face an often draining, hostile world. Yeah, sure, this year I have a story in it (which I'm very proud of, and features a character extra-close to my heart who you may see again). But I'm one of 20 authors, and every single one of them is worth your time. How often is there an entire volume of neurodivergent and/or queer writers, spanning three generations and multiple axes of diversity, edited by people unafraid of disrupting mainstream narratives and normative literary forms? Sink your teeth into our edges and grin. -- Dora M Raymaker

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