The Future of Human Service Organizational & Management Research : Navigating Complex Frontiers

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Social Work, Public Policy


This book provides panoramic overviews of critical human service organizational and management practice challenges, as well as new and needed research frontiers. The Future of Human Service Organizational & Management Research: Navigating Complex Frontiers invites researchers, educators, and practitioners to explore: the intersection of the complex environment of public and private human service organizations; and the rise and uncertain effects of new developments in social work, public policy and public management, and other helping professions. The contributors identify how future generations of macro practitioners and scholar-researchers can: Improve service delivery and program effectiveness; Implement evidence-based practices and evidence-informed practices; Promote leadership and social innovation; Build linkages across micro, meso, and macro levels of practice; Train organizational leaders and educate practitioners; and Advocate for more socially just visions of social welfare and society. This edited collection argues that human service organizational and management practice and research are needed to support new discoveries in social welfare, social work, and related professions. This book was originally published as a special issue of the journal, Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance.


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