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Behavior modification -- Children, Conduct of life -- Research, Observation -- Scientific method, Parenting, Reinforcement -- Psychology, Single parents, Group process, Social learning theory -- Communication, Educational outcomes, Parenting education


Objective: This study highlights Dr. Elsie Pinkston and colleagues’ research on the effectiveness of behavior parent training and examines the application of single-parent training group (SPG) programs to three parent–child dyads exposed to distressed family circumstances. Methods: Single-system evaluation designs were conducted with two single birth parents, one single foster parent, and each parent’s three respective children, in an effort to appraise the results of a SPG program.

Results: Two of the three parent–child dyads benefited from the SPG. Results suggested that there were changes in parent reinforcement and attention behaviors and children’s noncompliance behaviors.

Conclusion: Behavioral improvements in single parent and child dyads lend support for the effectiveness of the parent training group for single parents. Implications for practice and future research on SPG programs are discussed.


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