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Emigration and immigration -- Social aspects, Minorities -- Oregon -- Multnomah County


This report builds on the Communities of Color in Multnomah County: An Unsettling Profile publication in 2010, that provided a comprehensive and comparative study of the inequities facing communities of color, immigrants and refugees. The findings, backed up by accurate and extensive data, are indeed unsettling, highlighting the persistent and in some cases growing disparities facing our communities. We see this as a wake-up call for public officials and policy-makers, and an opportunity for increased partnership and collective action for the advancement of racial equity.

One key recommendation in this report is to improve standards that ensure the disaggregation of data collection by race, ethnicity and language. This report documents the experiences of over 20 Asian and Pacific Islander ethnic groups, who are both largely diverse in language and culture, while at the same time profoundly linked by the impact of racism. The current standards that collect information about our community in one or two large categories masks the experiences of specific ethnicities preventing policy-makers from understanding the real issues that affect our communities. The false picture resulting from aggregated data too often leads us to accept the myth of the "model minority." This report recognizes the disparities within distinct Asian Pacific American communities, and the role that advocates and public officials have in addressing these issues.

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