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Education -- Social aspects -- United States, Discrimination in education -- United States


In response to an increasing need to understand the reach of the literature and the research undertaken on initiatives to eliminate racial disparities, a literature review was initiated in 2012 for the Eliminating Racial Disparities Collaborative within the All Hands Raised initiative to improve academic outcomes for students in Multnomah County. This was an expansive undertaking – and at the end, we have drawn upon about 160 different articles, some of which were meta-analyses of an array of publications in a particular field.

The first section in this report is a summary document that details each policy-based recommendation in this report. To this listing we have added some features, such as level of responsibility, the degree to which they reflect the priorities of the Coalition of Communities of Color, what might be called "low hanging fruit" (meaning they would be relatively easy to implement with some immediate impacts likely to result), synthesis indicator of particularly robust research, and what might be called "promising practices" that potentially can yield a more expansive impact on reducing racial disparities.

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