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Editor: Sasha Chedygov

Articles in this issue include: Safety on campus: Director of CPSO tells about recent assaults and gives tips on staying safe in the city; Walking the labyrinth: Portland State’s “labyrinth” provides a place for students to meditate, regardless of denomination; Peace through education: The Peace through Education Symposium explores education as the answer to world peace; Grade book: See what your student government is is doing for you, and the records we’re keeping of them; Artist profile: Acheron Flow: A local up-and-coming rapper chases his dream one CD sale at a time; 16 days of film: The 35th annual Portland International Film Festival delivers cultural awareness through film; A new lifestyle: A student and personal trainer turns her life around by replacing bad habits with strict self-discipline; Beating the odds: Young Alexander Villarreal escapes complete poverty, despite truly adverse conditions.

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The Portland Spectator, February 2012