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Much of the family member involvement that is happening at the state and local level is due, at least in part, to the efforts by the federal government to institutionalize family involvement in policymaking. In 1985 Child and Adolescent Service System (CASSP) staff added a family goal to the program. This goal translated into a requirement that state applications for CASSP funds describe how families would participate in service planning efforts at the child and family, program, and system levels. In 1986 Congress passed the State Mental Health Services Comprehensive Plan (Public Law 99-660), which mandated family member participation in the development of state mental health plans. Public Law 99-660’s mandate continues today through the Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration Reorganization Act (Public Law 102-321).

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Fall 1998


Social work with youth, Youth -- Mental health services, Young adults -- Mental health services, Social work with children


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