Student Submission Policy

Portland State University Library recognizes the value of students’ work as an important part of institutional repository content. The goal of the Library is to gather, disseminate, and preserve examples of exemplary research of Portland State University students. PDXScholar accomplishes four important objectives. It:

  1. Provides a publication outlet for exemplary student work demonstrating academic excellence;
  2. serves as an historical snapshot of student academic life and scholarly output;
  3. offers students the opportunity to promote their research; and
  4. demonstrates the quality of Portland State academics, thereby serving as a recruitment tool for prospective students, faculty and staff.

Collection Scope and Guidelines

The repository will focus on research created for the following projects :

  • Conference papers and presentations
  • Research grants and awards
  • Undergraduate student honors papers and capstone projects
  • Comprehensive research papers and projects
  • Collaboratively generated reports

Content Types

All submissions must be vetted by faculty either in a departmental program or through participation in a campus-wide scholarship activity. All papers must be accompanied by a basic description including title, author, dates and abstract. Exceptional student work may be nominated by a faculty member for inclusion in PDXScholar.

Rights of Use

Students own their intellectual work and retain the copyright. Therefore, every contributor is expected to complete the Student Research Consent Form.


Only the final version of the work will be accepted. The library does not evaluate or assess the quality of the content.

Removal and Retention

Portland State University Library reserves the right to make content available in perpetuity. Content will not be withdrawn from PDXScholar unless significant or unusual circumstances, including legal concerns, such as copyright, libelous content, or privacy issues arise.

Use of Content

The material in PDXScholar may be viewed, printed, and downloaded for personal use. Users are responsible for providing proper attribution and citation. All other uses of content must be approved by the repository’s staff.

Because the goal of PDXScholar is to provide access to quality research, access to materials will not be restricted. Access will only be restricted if required by a publisher or to protect the future publication or patent registration of content.