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This is a personal narrative and account of the stark learning conditions in a Latino-centric foster care home. From the author: "During my time as an Educational Advocate, more children were deported, incarcerated, or killed in gang violence than graduated from high school. I know of only one who made it to college. The vicarious trauma overwhelmed any fleeting success we occasionally experienced. Depressing, yet we were determined to see our programs continue. It took all of our effort to keep the space functioning, but eventually the home closed and so did La Escuelita. Today, Summer Academia is a part of the Portland nonprofit Latino Network and thriving."
-- Cynthia Carmina Gomez


Originally posted to the Rough and Rede II website.

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summer-academia-group_photo-credit-mcnary-photography.jpg (92 kB)
Cynthia Carmina Gomez, top row, fifth from left, joins a group of Portland State University service learning students and youth enrolled in Summer Academia 2011.