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Brain -- Wounds and injuries, Brain damage, Reconstructability analysis, Information Theory, Probabilistic graphical modeling, Multivariate analysis discrete multivariate modeling, Data mining


A short presentation of an analysis of data from Dr. Megan Preece on traumatic brain injury, the first in a series of planned secondary analyses of multiple TBI data sets. The analysis employs the systems methodology of reconstructability analysis (RA), utilizing both variable- and state-based and both neutral and directed models. The presentation explains RA and illustrates the results it can obtain. Unlike the confirmatory approach standard to most data analyses, this methodology is designed for exploratory modeling. It thus allows the discovery of unanticipated associations among variables, including multi-variable interaction effects of unknown form. It offers the opportunity for more complete utilization of data whose collection is costly and time-consuming, and thus opens up the possibility that trials judged to have been failures may still contain valuable information.


Presented in Bethesda

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