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Proceedings of The World Congress of the Systems Sciences and ISSS 2000

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Information theory, Decision analysis, Multivariate analysis, Decision trees -- Mathematical models


Reconstructability analysis (RA) is a method for detecting and analyzing the structure of multivariate categorical data. Jones and his colleagues extended the original variable-based formulation of RA to encompass models defined in terms of system states (Jones 1982; Jones 1985; Jones 1985; Jones 1986; Jones 1989). In this paper, we demonstrate that Jones’ previous work comprises two separable ideas: the “g to k” transformation and state-based modeling. We relate the concept of state-based modeling to established variable-based RA methods (Klir 1985; Krippendorff 1986), and demonstrate that statebased modeling, when applied to event and decision tree models, is a valuable adjunct to the variable-based sensitivity analyses commonly employed in risk and decision modeling. Examples are provided to illustrate the approach, and issues associated with the interpretation of state-based sensitivity analyses are explored.


Paper presented at The World Congress of the Systems Sciences and ISSS 2000, held in Toronto, Canada, July 19, 2000.

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