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System analysis -- Study and teaching, Operations research -- Study and teaching


The judging criteria and modeling process guidelines for the SyM Bowl modeling competition are briefly reviewed. Prize-winning student models from previous SyM Bowls are then discussed in order to show how the students and their teachers appear to have interpreted the criteria and process guidelines. The strengths and limitations of the selected student models, especially the basic model structure & logic, and the process they used to build the model, as evidenced in the reports they submitted, are then presented.

The paper then considers how the criteria and process guidelines may or may not have influenced the students, followed by a discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of the judging criteria and modeling process guidelines, including how they might be improved to assure that their influence on the student modeling process and model quality is as beneficial as possible.


Presented at the System Thinking and Dynamic Modeling Conference hosted by the Creative Learning Exchange in June, 2000.

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