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Computational Integration for Augmenting Human Cognition



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How can we improve the relationship between people and technology? Is society forever indentured to surveillance capitalists, consigned to behaving for the benefit of elite others? We think not, and offer as one example a technology called “computational integration” (CI) that promises to counterbalance surveillance capitalism as an instance of behavior systematically shaping algorithms - versus Google, say, using statistical learning tools to shape us. CI produces revenues not as bets on future behavior, but rather through monetizing the economic surplus that lies hidden between how people would work most productively as individuals, and how they are required to work given traditional institutional technologies, especially “IT”. At OHSU’s Oregon National Primate Research Center (NPRC), we have reduced to practice software technology and related methods that have proven dramatically successful in enhancing institutional performance on multiple fronts including humanitarian, economic and scientific aspects. In this talk we’ll describe in broad non-proprietary terms the conceptual framework and technology including some application examples. We’ll then present some ideas on why CI works so well - beyond the simple executive perspective that attributes success as the bottom line - notions that instead leverage the relationship between people doing the work and technology. Data from a preliminary survey of individuals using the CI platform in their daily work is presented, along with a more formal survey design that will target 100+ individuals with structured questions and interviews.

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Dave is Manager of Research Informatics at OHSU’s National Primate Research Center, and a dissertation-phase malingerer in the System Science program at PSU.


Technology -- Social aspects, Computational integration, Technological innovations -- Social aspects, Querying (Computer science) -- Algorithms, Information society


Science and Technology Policy | Technology and Innovation | Theory and Algorithms

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Computational Integration for Augmenting Human Cognition