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Design, Systems Approaches and the Engineering-economics Nexus



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Economics and engineering are discovering new opportunities for cross-fertilization. This is partly given to the advent of modern artificial intelligence methods. These opportunities have appeared in the past, resulting in marginal improvements toward integration. Over the years, there has been an intertwining of the two disciplines along the progression of economics for/and/as engineering. A real transdisciplinary integration implies a mutual nurturing, where one discipline ́s conceptual apparatus is incorporated into the other. A fine-grained view of the epistemological differences of the two disciplines reveals that an integration might be more likely along some, but not all directions. I will explain these differences based on different connotations of the concept of design. Particularly, when referring to design aspects of social systems, I will also argue that systems approaches may serve as a bridge to integrate economics and engineering. Finally, I will offer alternatives to explore how this integration might be undertaken.

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Cesar Garcia-Diaz is an associate professor at the Department of Business Administration of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogota, Colombia). He holds BSc / MSc degrees in industrial engineering form Colombian universities, and a PhD degree in Economics and Business from the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). He was a postdoctoral researcher at the Center of Evolutionary Demography of the University of Antwerp (Belgium), and has held visiting positions at the School of Management of the University of Texas at Dallas and at the Center for Research in Social Simulation of the University of Surrey (United Kingdom). His research interests are at the intersection of systems science, computational modeling, and social complexity.


Interdisciplinary research, Economics, Engineering, System analysis -- Methodology


Systems Science

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Design, Systems Approaches and the Engineering-economics Nexus