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Inspired by Latour's work in social studies of science and technology, Callon, MacKenzie and others developed a performativity critique of economics. Building on this, Healy (2015) recently discussed the performativity of network models. While useful, I move away from French continental philosophy to avoid unavoidable comparisons with Foucauldian conceptions of performativity. Instead, I use ideas from vanilla historical sociology of science and technology and cognitive science to understand performativity.

I first discuss Healy's critique of network models. Keeping with the worst traditions in systems science, I greedily apply this concept to all models in science and engineering by first critiquing my own dissertation and then present several other examples, ending with a performativity critique of performativity.

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Rajesh is about to complete a long overdue dissertation in system science. His doctoral work is at the interface of cognitive science, sociology and animal behavior. In Spring 2019, he will teach SYSC 440/540 Introduction to Network Science.


System analysis, Science -- Social aspects, Technology -- Social aspects, Cognitive science, Kieran Healy -- Criticism and interpretation, Network analysis


Theory, Knowledge and Science

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Performativity of Models