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During my master’s degree I analyzed sustainable practices in the built environment. What came from that work was a deep level of understanding that the current practices and rating systems appeared to be technical approaches to a larger system at play. I realized I have a gift to see hidden connections and find links between systems. Currently I use systems mapping as part of the design process to unearth the hidden elements in a system. I believe it is important to understand where designers, clients and stakeholders can insert themselves into a system. Part of this understanding is having empathy for the interacting parts in a system that are unattainable within the boundaries of the project. I passionately weave this into my practice because I wholeheartedly believe that if we are going to change the way we enhance the built environment we need to use the lenses of system thinking.

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Elizabeth Lockwood is a Commercial Interior Designer and Educator. She graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Architecture with a minor in Architecture and Art History from the University of Oregon. She has a Master of Whole Systems Design from Antioch University. She is currently practicing commercial interior design at an Environmental Graphics and Landscape Architectural firm. At the firm she works on projects that are pursuing the Well and LEED Building standards. She is currently researching and applying systems thinking as a design tool to the building process.


System analysis, System theory -- Applications to sustainable design, System theory


Environmental Design | Sustainability

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Systems Thinking as a Design Process