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Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping: Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich



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Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping is a modeling modality that focuses on capturing human knowledge and understanding. They offer an accessible, quick modeling process that can be used to capture an individual’s causal thinking about a system. They can also be simulated to get a sense of how the system will act over time. This talk will cover the basics of Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping, where it fits in the larger perspective of systems science and how it compares to other modeling methodologies. It will also cover the presenter’s ongoing efforts to create a citation network of the FCM literature.

Biographical Information

Catherine Moore is a PhD student in the Systems Science Department at Portland State. Prior to joining the program, she spent a decade working in local government as a program manager and program evaluator. She is interested in mental models of complex systems, how mental models vary between individuals, and the impact of mental models on public policy and programming. She has a Masters of Public Administration from PSU and a Bachelors in International Relations from the University of Southern California.


Fuzzy sets, Computer science, Pattern perception


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Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping: Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich