Between Hyorish and Hyorism: A Korean TV Star and Social Media Activism

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Since her solo debut album in 2003, Lee Hyori, one of the most famous stars in Korea, has kept her name in the limelight as a singer, actress, show host, advertising model, and fashion trendsetter. The Beyoncé-like diva in Korea metamorphosed after declaring a hiatus due to plagiarism on her fourth album. Suddenly, she became an animal-rights activist, a vegetarian, and a donor to poor citizens and encouraged political engagement. On her Twitter account, she updated all of her practices asking for public attention to social issues. Gradually, she transformed from a sexy TV diva to an exemplar of celebrity activism. However, she did not abandon her life and popularity as a top star; rather, she repositioned herself in between a beloved celebrity and a respected activist. This article examines how she has accomplished these two different tasks and what roles her social media engagement has played in the achievement.


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