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Does living in a transit-oriented development (TOD) actually change the way people travel? That’s the fundamental question that 15 years of research in Portland, Oregon seeks to answer. Since 2005, Portland State University has worked with Portland’s Metro regional government to survey occupants of buildings for which developers had received funding from Metro’s Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Program. Metro strategically invests in TODs to help more people live, work and shop in neighborhoods served by high-quality transit.

“Revisiting TODs,” the latest installment in this research, is led by Nathan McNeil, a research associate in PSU’s School of Urban Studies & Planning, and TREC director Jennifer Dill. The report revisits a set of suburban TODs with a second wave of surveys to understand how the travel behavior of TOD residents may have changed since the first survey. As neighborhoods become more developed with walkable amenities, how can we identify which factors influence changes in travel patterns?


This is a summary of TREC research project 1240, which can be found online at

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