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Transit-oriented development, Urban renewal


The objective of this multidisciplinary educational program was to host a lecture series that will inform area professionals, students, and the broader public about the need to consider transportation and land use strategies in concert that can jointly create more livable cities with enhanced safety, reduced congestion, greater mobility choices, and more housing variety. This lecture series meets the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium’s (OTREC) goal of encouraging “… multidisciplinary educational programs and experiential learning across disciplines in the transportation field.” The lecture series brought a variety of nationally known experts in the fields of transportation planning, urban design, and transit-oriented development. These lectures were free and open to the public. Attendance was required of University of Oregon students enrolled in urban design courses. Over 600 participants attended the lectures. In addition, the videotaped lectures are available from the University of Oregon’s website as podcasts.


This is a final report, OTREC-ED-10-03 ,from the NITC program of TREC at Portland State University, and can be found online at:



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